An attorney can help protect your employment rights

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As an employee, you have rights. It is often accepted that employers will try to make their employees think that they cannot take action, but you always have a say in the matter. For that reason, you should pay very close attention to their employer’s actions, especially after the you have taken leave.

When an employee decides to take leave, they are doing so because it is necessary. They may have a personal illness that is preventing them from working or they may have to take care of a sick family member. Whatever the reason may be, if an employee is eligible, then the employer has to let them take this leave. People may find that they were able to get their employer to agree to this leave without a problem, but their return to work is when they may experience difficulties.

Employees who return from leave are supposed to be able to pick up where they left off. This means that they will have the same title/position and the same pay they did before they went on leave. If it is not their same position, it must at least be one with equivalent pay. If not, employees do have the right to contact human resources or even file a claim against their employer.

Employers may not be happy about employees taking FMLA leave, but that doesn’t mean it is okay for them to retaliate against them or violate their rights when they return to work. An employment law attorney from the Employment Office of John H. Haskin and Associates can assist should you decide to file a claim against your employer.


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