Large retail supplier accused of employment discrimination

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Bass Pro Shops, a supplier of fishing and hunting gear in Indiana, has been accused of discrimination based upon race in their employment hiring practices. The U.S. Equal Employment Commission (EEOC) recently filed a lawsuit based on these allegations against Bass Pro Shops in federal court.

It is alleged that a manger of a Bass Pro Shop franchise in Indiana disposed of employment applications filled out by minority applicants. There have also been reports of Indiana managers making racial slurs and uttering derogatory comments concerning race. Such conduct has been reported in other Bass Pro franchises across the country.

We do not often hear of such lawsuits being filed in state or federal court. However, that is not to say discriminatory practices concerning the hiring of employees are rare, or that those that have been discriminated against should hesitate in seeking a legal remedy to their particular situation.

Generally we do not hear of such lawsuits because companies try to avoid adverse publicity by settling these cases out of court. However, large companies would never settle if those discriminated against were not provided with adequate legal representation.

Such discriminatory practices can have a detrimental effect on minorities in other ways. Even if a Hispanic or black applicant is hired in the company, this is not to say that this individual will be hired for the position in which he or she applied. The individual may have to endure continuous discrimination while on the job and fail to be promoted based on merit. Thos minorities that have been offered positions in the company may never feel comfortable voicing concerns knowing the attitude that their hiring managers have towards their race.

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