Former FBI employee sues agency for race and gender discrimination

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Over the years, federal and state legislators have worked to pass laws against employment harassment and discrimination. As a result of these efforts, the United States has some of the most efficient laws. These federal laws prohibit employment discrimination and harassment on the basis of factors such as race and gender.

In recent news, however, a former FBI employee is suing the FBI for such matters. The woman claims that her co-workers were envious of her.

The woman commenced her career with the FBI in December 2002. In the summer of 2007, she was promoted to an Administrative Specialist. Subsequent to this, the plaintiff claims that she was harassed and retaliated against as a result of her attractive appearance and lucrative singing career.

Specifically, the woman is a professional Latin music singer, and she has released an album and signed a recording contract for another album.

The woman explains that her coworkers would spread rumors and make negative comments about her in the working environment. They allegedly claimed that the plaintiff engaged in sexual relations with management in an effort to obtain a higher position.

Many employees felt that another person should have been promoted instead of the plaintiff. According to the lawsuit, one employee even made comments about getting rid of her.

Ultimately, the woman complained to management; however, the agency allegedly failed to address the hostile work environment.

These events led the woman to file a complaint with FBI’s Equal Employment Opportunity Affairs of employment discrimination.

After this, the woman feels as though she was retaliated against and employees filed several complaints with supervisors about her appearance, work ethic and attendance.

In the end, the woman wants to be compensated for the alleged discrimination on the basis of race and gender. In this particular case, the woman is asking for unspecified damages, back pay and other types of relief. If an investigation discovers that the allegations are true, the women will be entitled to these types of recovery.

Source: ABC News, “New Mexico Ex-FBI Employee Says Co-Workers Were ‘Jealous’ of Her, Sues Employer,” Susanna Kim, June 21, 2012


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