Attorney sued for sexually harassing four legal assistants

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In the state of Indiana, we expect that the legal system and its lawyers will protect us from injustice and protect our rights at all costs. It’s very rare when we see something that makes us think otherwise, but for people in California, this was just the case.

According to a recent lawsuit, four former legal assistants claim that their ex-employer, a quadriplegic attorney who worked on behalf of disabled Americans, sexually harassed them in the workplace and fired them because they complained about the uncomfortable working conditions.

The complaint filed against the disabled attorney states that the assistants were required to complete “personal care” for the accused, help dress and undress him despite the fact that none of the women held healthcare-professional certification, and were given instructions “not to interview men, ugly women and anyone over 30,” which some have pointed out is in direct violation of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972.

According to several statements given by the four women, all felt uncomfortable in the workplace, evening stating that he sometimes looked at them in a “sexually suggestive manner.” The women say they didn’t come forward sooner because they feared that they would be retaliated against.

The women’s former boss has filed dozens of lawsuits against restaurants, stores and small businesses around the Sacramento area for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act which protects employees from being discriminated against in the workplace. A majority of people in the community have pointed out the irony in the fact that someone so keen to protect workers’ rights would participate in such lascivious acts as sexual harassment.

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