Waffle House CEO accused of sexual harassment by former employee

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Nearly everyone in Indiana, and in other states across the nation, is aware of the fact that the law protects employees from sexual harassment in the workplace. Accusations are taken incredibly serious; sometimes, cases can even involve the police.

Such was the case for a former Waffle House employee who accused the CEO of the company of sexual harassment back in September of this year. According to the complaint, for ten years the woman was told by the CEO that she must perform sexual acts in order to keep her job.

It’s not clear from the reports whether she initially filed a complaint with her former employee or not, though reports do indicate that she filed a complaint with local police regarding the allegations. According to police reports, the CEO tried to force her to have sex with him on several occasions despite her repeated protests. The woman explained to police that she stayed at the job despite the harassment because she couldn’t find other work and as a single mother, she couldn’t afford to lose her job.

In the wake of the allegations, the CEO has filed suit against the woman claiming that her accusations are false. The documents connected with his suit have been sealed since September 14 and both sides have agreed not to speak about the case to the media at this time.

It is important to point out that employees have the right to be free from harassment of any kind in the workplace. Employers who use scare tactics such as threatening the security of your job unless you perform behaviors that make you feel are doing so against the law. Employers can be held responsible for these unlawful actions, but only if employees bring awareness to these issues. No one should ever feel that they have to compromise their integrity to save their career.

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