The Situation in a legal situation of his own

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MTV’s show ‘The Jersey Shore’ has made quite a reputation for itself in the past few years; so have its cast members though, many of whom are now using their new found celebrity to make more of a name for themselves.

Such is the case for Mike Sorrentino, more commonly known as The Situation, who has been promoting a series of products for several months now, including the newest line of vodka from Devotion Spirits. But recent contract disputes have the television star wondering what his celebrity has really bought him.

Sorrentino signed an endorsement deal back in 2010 with Devotion Spirits to promote the company’s new line of protein infused vodka. Sorrentino claims that according to the contract, Devotion Spirits was supposed to give him eight percent ownership stake in the company plus an additional 2 percent once the company celebrated its one year anniversary.

Sorrentino filed a lawsuit against Devotion Spirits in November claiming that the company failed to uphold their side of the contract. Recently, the company has filed a counter-suit claiming that the reality star breached his employment contract by concealing an alleged drug problem and failing to uphold his end of the contract.

According to reports, Sorrentino is suing for an estimated $5 million plus the 10 percent share in the company. Devotion Spirits has not disclosed the amount for which they are counter-suing.

Although a majority of people in Indiana may never find themselves in a legal situation like The Situation, they may find themselves in legal difficulties if not all of the terms of their employment agreement are clearly understood. Getting a full understanding of contractual obligations can be confusing, but with assistant from an employment attorney, you can increase your possibility of avoiding messy litigation in the future.

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