Older workers appreciated more than ever

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Indiana’s older workers may feel that they need to counteract discriminatory behaviors and actions in the workplace. Surveys of elderly employees show that they believe they are discriminated against. Although their unemployment rate is lower, senior Americans’ rate of long-term unemployment is higher than the average.

Now, some companies are discovering the benefits of hiring older workers. About 200 employers, including some of the country’s largest, have signed an AARP pledge to recognize the value of experience and to employ more workers who are over 50 years-of-age. New York-based KPMG says that adding older employees to the staff brings the tax, auditing and consulting business added credibility. Moreover, the experienced workers are more dedicated to the company, helping to address the costly issue of high employee turnover.

Employers are also finding that senior employees are helping them connect to older customers. As the whole population ages, the customer base at traditional businesses, such as grocery stores, also ages. Customers feel more comfortable when they interact with workers who are in their same demographic. In the past two decades, the employment of workers 65 and over doubled. This trend is likely to continue as older workers become more available and employers appreciate the value that they bring to the company.

When an employee faces age discrimination either in the hiring process or on the job, an attorney could be able to help the person understand if any laws have been violated and what actions are available for them. If a worker has been hurt financially through workplace discrimination, an attorney could be able to determine if offsetting compensation is possible.

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