Training, policies create a healthy workplace for trans workers

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As transgender people are increasingly becoming more visible in every aspect of society, businesses are increasingly striving to address the needs of these individuals. However, at the same time, training that sensitively introduces others in the workplace to transgender issues is increasingly needed, according to an authority on the subject in a recent piece. Employees in Indiana who are transgender may be able to avoid becoming the subject of a new form of gender discrimination if their employers take thoughtful measures to avoid such issues.

Employers can help by completing transgender awareness training. This type of special training helps explain transgender people and issues, and it can help break down stereotypes or negative opinions about this group of people. The training can also encompass transgender inclusion; business owners can learn about applicable laws prohibiting discrimination against these workers.

Additionally, transgender people must be aware of their employer’s expectations of them. The training can also explain complex issues that may arise in the workplace, such as bathroom usage for transgender employees. Awareness training can also provide a safe forum for transgender employees and other employees to voice their concerns, questions and fears.

After going through a training program, human resources departments or other professionals in the business may create a written employee policy specifying that discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression is prohibited. The training and policy can work together: The training can explain the company policy that is in place and focus on the support of the company’s initiative.

With the ever-changing face of the work force comes new legislation and workplace practices to protect every individual in a diverse workforce against unfair treatment. Indiana employment law attorneys may be able to help transgender employees understand their legal rights or pursue a claim in the case of gender discrimination.

Source: Huffington Post, “Transgender in the Workplace: The Need for Training“, Vanessa Sheridan, August 28, 2013


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