Two waitresses file sexual harassment lawsuit

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Two restaurant employees filed a sexual harassment complaint with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission. The alleged harassment took place at the Les Brothers Restaurant and Pancake House in Highland. According to the complaint, both waitresses were subjected to name calling, sexual comments and inappropriate touching in the workplace. The unwelcome sexual advances were reported to have come from the owner and male employees at the restaurant.

An attorney for the restaurant has stated that because the restaurant is family-owned and operated, the claims are difficult to believe. He said that a husband, wife and son all work together at the establishment. The owner of the restaurant has also conducted his own internal investigation to prove that harassment did not take place.

The Indiana Civil Rights Commission has released a statement saying that they have found sufficient evidence to believe that the women’s harassment claims are true; according to the ICRC, both women gave similar accounts of a hostile work environment. Some of the harassment cited in the complaint included inappropriate touching and grabbing of both of the women’s buttocks and breasts. The ICRC says that nothing was done when the victims complained to the restaurant owner’s son about the harassment.

When someone is being subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, he or she may wish to file a complaint in order to seek compensation. For a sexual harassment lawsuit to be successful, victims must be able to prove that management did nothing to correct the inappropriate behavior after being told that it was unwanted.

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