Female journalists faced with sexual harassment in the workplace

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There is no place for harassment in the workplace; however, this is a problem that plagues people, both male and female, from one side of the country to the next. No matter if you are one of our Indiana readers or live somewhere else in the world, you will want to take a close look at this story to better realize what is going on in companies around the globe.

A recent study by the International Safety Institute News and the International Women’s Media Foundation found that approximately 64 percent of female journalists have experienced “intimidation, threats or abuse” while working.

This survey took into account testimony from 875 women from all over the globe. This goes a long way in showing that this is a problem that plagues women from all locations. More than 82 percent of those who responded were reporters and/or journalists.

When asked about sexual harassment in the workplace, with a focus on sexual assault, 46.12 percent said that they have been a victim of this in the past.

A well-known sports reporter and the director of the International Safety Institute News, said, “What this ground-breaking survey shows is that women journalists are often at risk in their own work places.”

Nobody, man or woman, should feel uncomfortable at their place of employment. They should be able to do their job, as required, without the fear of harassment. There are legal remedies available for those who feel they are being harassed. Experienced employment law attorneys can offer valuable advice and options, including the possibility of seeking compensation from the harassing party or company that allowed the harassment to occur.

Source: The Huffington Post, “ Women Journalists Face Rampant Workplace Abuse, Sexual Harassment: Study ” Catherine Taibi, Dec. 02, 2013


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