Indiana professor files discrimination complaint

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There is no place in today’s era for discrimination. Employers need to realize that all employees should be treated the same, regardless of age, race, sex, or sexual orientation. Unfortunately, there are still employers who make mistakes in this regard and end up in trouble as a result.

An Indiana University Northwest assistant professor has filed a legal complaint in which she accused the school of discrimination related to her sexual orientation as well as her gender. The woman claims that the school denied her a promotion and tenure, which led to her termination at the end of the school year, due to the fact that she was homosexual and a woman.

The woman teaches six courses at the school, and has been employed as an assistant professor for eight years. As a result of her claim, the Indiana Human Rights Commission along with the Federal Department of Education will begin a review during which time they will determine if the woman was subjected to discrimination due to her sexual orientation and gender.

In the fall of 2012, she applied for tenure and a promotion. However, the dean and department chair rejected two unanimous recommendations from faculty committees.

The Associate Vice President of Public Affairs and Government Relations at IU noted that the school is aware of the claim, but did not wish to provide any comment.

Even in today’s age of equal rights, cases like these still come to light. Anybody who has been a victim of gender discrimination should contact an experienced employment law attorney.


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