Man files disability discrimination charges against former employ

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In this era, there is no reason for workplace disability discrimination to ever come into play. However, this is a common occurrence throughout the United States, despite the fact that employers know what is right and what is wrong and laws increasingly having gotten into the books to protect workers.

Our Indiana readers may find this story interesting, despite the fact that it comes out of the state of Texas. A former meteorologist at KBTX has filed a charge of disability and age discrimination against his former employer, as well as its parent company.

The man worked at the television station for 23 years. In a recent statement released by his attorney, the man claims he was overworked during the past holiday season while younger employees were able to take off. He noted that the stress involved led to in-patient treatment for exhaustion, leading to a three month absence from his position.

When he returned to his job in April of 2013, the statement notes that he was “reprimanded for matters relating to his disability and FMLA leave.” From there, the man was fired in July 2013.

Once the EEOC federal investigation of the employer is complete, the man is going to file a lawsuit related to the allegations.

Workplace disability discrimination continues to be an issue throughout the country, spanning a variety of industries, regardless of company size. This is a concern for many, and those who feel they have lost their job as a result of discrimination should consider hiring an employment law attorney who can work on their behalf to protect their rights.

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