Bill seeks to better protect Indiana veterans from discrimination

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With all of the sacrifices veterans and active military personnel have made, it is hard to think that they would be discriminated against due to their military service when they are applying for a job. Believe it or not this discrimination has been an issue for veterans and active military personnel throughout the years. It is such an issue that one veteran has expressed that he is hesitant to state that he is a veteran on his resume in fear of the discrimination he may receive.

Recently, an Indiana House committee passed House Bill 1242, which will better protect veterans and active military personnel from being discriminated against in the workforce in Indiana. The bill is now being moved on to the full House to deliberate. If it is passed, the Indiana Civil Rights Commission will investigate any alleged violations. In cases where discrimination is proven, veterans will also be able to seek compensation for punitive or other compensatory damages if the bill is passed.

The House committee passing the bill and moving it on to the full House for consideration is a big step. Although this step is being taken, employment discrimination can still happen. It is essential to know what steps to take if you have been discriminated against because of your military experience.

It is good to be aware that this discrimination is happening in our state and that the government is taking notice. Not only can discrimination against those with military service happen, but other types of discrimination can happen, as well. You may be discriminated against due to your gender, race or age. As this bill signifies, discrimination is still an unfortunate presence in the workforce that must be fought head-on.

Source: Indianapolis Business Journal, “Committee passes bill to protect veterans in hiring,” Jan. 21, 2014


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