Former police officer files discrimination lawsuit

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Every employer in the United States is well aware that discrimination in all forms is against the law. However, the same cannot be said for those who are employed by these companies. Despite the laws that are in place, some people decide to take things one step too far and end up in hot water as a result.

Our Indiana readers will find this story out of New Jersey interesting, as it discusses the finer details of a discrimination lawsuit filed by a woman against a local police department.

A former police officer claims she was harassed by a supervisor, and has filed a $1 million lawsuit in state Superior Court as a result. According to the lawsuit, the woman claims that her superior commented on the size of her chest, while also making dirty jokes and asking sexual questions. The woman also stated that she believes the comments were made because of her Hispanic and African-American background.

After talking to Internal Affairs about the situation, the woman was suspended without pay. From there, she was asked to turn her badge into the department. At this time, the police department has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

This lawsuit could be classified as sex discrimination, race discrimination, or perhaps another category. What is clear is that the woman feels she was treated wrongfully by her supervisor.

Nobody wants to be in this position, but some find themselves stuck in this place nonetheless. Consulting with an employment law attorney may be the first step in finding a resolution.

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