Man claims employment discrimination after being fired

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It may come as a shock to learn that there is a possibility of an employee being discriminated against and fired for refusing to engage in a sexual relationship with his or her boss. You may think that the most common victims are female, but it can happen to men too. Such appears to be the case of a man in who is alleging he experienced employment discrimination when he was fired after ending a forced sexual relationship with a supervisor, who happened to be female, while working at the fast food restaurant Hardee’s.

Although this incident occurred in South Dakota, residents of Indiana should take heed. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination and sexual harassment can happen anywhere.

The man stated that the sexual relationship was unwelcomed by him, but it was implied to be a condition of his employment. He stated he feared he would be retaliated against or fired if he refused.

The defendant claims that his supervisor was in violation of the law. He was given a Notice of Right to Sue after he filed a discrimination charge with his state’s Division of Human Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He is seeking compensation for attorney costs, benefits, loss of wages and costs for emotional duress.

This man took the right step in defending himself. An employee should not be forced into a relationship he or she does not want to be in just to keep a job. If you are ever in a similar incident, you can file a complaint and seek compensation as this man is doing.

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