Sexual harassment lawsuit plagues gubernatorial candidate

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It can be hard for a person to admit that he or she has been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace. Oftentimes, these people would rather keep quiet than attract unwanted attention and judgment from others. Furthermore, going head-to-head with a boss who is the sexual harassment aggressor is not something that many are too keen on pursuing, especially if the boss happens to be a powerful person.

While outside of Indiana, but in a case making national headlines, an Illinois man filed a sexual harassment case against a gubernatorial candidate who happened to be his former boss. The former employee listed several instances wherein his boss tried to make unwelcome sexual advances, such as inviting him to his hotel room and offering him a massage. When the man tried to complain about these things to another superior, the superior was allegedly dismissive of the issue.

Meanwhile, the defendant denied the claims made in the lawsuit, attributing it to negative political propaganda. He also produced evidence demonstrating inconsistencies in regard to the plaintiff’s claim of an incident which allegedly occurred at the defendant’s home. The plaintiff’s lawyer explained the inconsistency, adding that his client was humiliated by the incident.

If you have ever experienced sexual harassment and workplace discrimination, then you should be aware that there are certain laws in Indiana that protect your rights as a victim of these acts. Remember that sexual harassment is not only limited to physical sexual abuse but also encompasses verbal abuse of a sexual nature. Whether you are male or female, a hostile work environment should never be tolerated.

Source: International Business Times, “Dan Rutherford, Illinois Governor Hopeful, Accused Of Sexual Harassment Against Male Employees,” Eric Brown, Feb. 11, 2014


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