Indiana employer accused of sexual harassment

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Everyone deserves to feel safe in their workplace. With different people come different personalities, and not all employees and employers will get along with each other. However, it is the responsibility of each individual to conduct themselves appropriately and not make other workers feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many workers are treated inappropriately by their colleagues or superiors.

One Indiana bar owner is now facing accusations of sexual harassment. The employer, who resides in Columbia City, has been accused of making explicit comments to a female employee. It is alleged that he was also offensive to her, and would make unwelcome sexual advances, including touching her without her permission. The woman in question claims that this behavior occurred throughout her employment.

Witnesses have reinforced the woman’s testimony. Nevertheless, in order for the complaint to bring with it a penalty, the witness must prove that she experienced unwelcome actions of a sexual nature. She also must show that she had indicated her unwillingness to participate in the accused’s actions and that his behavior made her work environment hostile.

It can often be difficult to prove that a person has behaved inappropriately or without invitation. Enduring this kind of harassment, however, can lead to a hostile work environment and heavy emotional strain. As a result, it is important to keep track of any inappropriate activities and be aware of Indiana’s legislation on harassment within the workplace. By knowing your rights and your options, you will be better equipped to defend yourself against harassment in the workplace as well as protect your career and future prospects.

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