Indiana hotel aims to train disabled employees

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One of the great challenges facing an employee with a disability is finding fair and adequate treatment in the workplace. Although these employees may have some limitations on what jobs they are able to perform, they have just as much of a right to employment. However, discrimination can often leave them struggling to find a job. A hotel in Indiana is setting a new precedent by training disabled employees as part of its workforce.

The $25 million hotel has been labeled the first of its kind. With 150 rooms, the massive establishment will create hundreds of jobs. The aim of the project is to create work and training opportunities for individuals with disabilities. It will operate as a higher education facility as well as a place of employment.

With unemployment rates in the disabled community close to 85 percent, this hotel is expected to have a largely positive impact. By providing opportunities to the disabled workforce, a job at this hotel can act as a steppingstone to future employment. Furthermore, it is expected to bring significant revenue into the local community. The Courtyard by Marriott hotel is due to open in 2015 in downtown Muncie.

Everyone has the right to employment and fair treatment. This Indiana hotel has made a positive step toward more equal consideration for workers with disabilities. Unfortunately, discrimination still takes place. If you feel you have been unfairly treated at work because of a disability, you have the right to challenge the behavior. By seeking a thorough investigation into your circumstances, you can work toward the best resolution for yourself and all concerned.

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