Overtime pay a big consideration for Indiana winter workers

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With the harsher and longer winter that Indiana has experienced recently, it is important for companies that work during this season to update their work policies accordingly. Wages should always be in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act so that employee’s rights are treated fairly as they work extra hours during the cold weather.

In Lafayette, located northwest of Indianapolis, the local government pointed out issues it faced this winter that may lead to changes in the future. One of them was the lack of a salt supply, which is used to decrease the freezing point of ice and hence make it melt faster, helping to clear up roads. But a bigger concern is for winter workers who had to work overtime just to plow the snow and drop salt on the snow-covered streets.

According to the city mayor, it is the overtime pay for these workers that ate up the budget. Although the city’s budget was able to withstand the last winter, he also said that changes might take place next winter, such as the reallocation of some revenue for employee overtime pay. The government will also consider using its rainy day fund for the excess expenses incurred.

It is a good thing that the local government in this Indiana area is taking steps to ensure that its employees are being paid their due. If you are a worker and you experienced not being paid for overtime work, you should be aware that you are protected by federal labor laws and that you can push for your fair wages during these instances.

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