Several Indiana employers facing discrimination accusations

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Fair treatment from an employer is both an expectation and a right for any worker. However, many workers experience age, race, sex or gender discrimination or are unfairly treated because of disabilities. In Indiana, several employers are currently facing charges due to employment or workplace discrimination.

The employers in question have been determined to be in breach of Indiana’s Civil Rights Law. The four cases each involved incidences of employees suffering harassment or even dismissal in connection with their race, disabilities or national origin.

One worker from South Bend encountered workplace discrimination when he returned to work after a visit to the hospital for his disability. His attempt to file a grievance on the matter was rejected. A worker in Indianapolis was isolated in his workplace and was restricted from the restroom and kitchen areas after suffering injuries to his back and ankle. Management did not pursue an investigation into the matter despite the employee’s belief that he was the target of discrimination.

In Florence, a woman requested a job transfer after a back injury inhibited her ability to work in her assigned area. Unfortunately, she suffered additional pain while working in the new assignment. Later she was dismissed from her job. In Fort Wayne, an employee applied for a position that he believes was ultimately given to a less-qualified worker, despite that earlier he had been the only applicant for the position.

These cases illustrate the type of unfair treatment that can be encountered by workers in Indiana. If you believe that you have been the subject of discrimination in your workplace, it is important to stand up for your rights. You deserve fair treatment and a knowledgeable individual such as an attorney can help you challenge the employer or colleague causing the problem. By pursuing the matter and seeing it is investigated fully, you can work toward a fair resolution and compensation for your ill treatment.

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