Indiana company sued for underpaying workers in Afghanistan

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A radiologic technician who was stationed with U.S. troops overseas has filed a lawsuit in Indiana against her employer. Onsite Occupational Health and Safety Inc. has been accused of omitting overtime when paying its medical workers in Afghanistan. In a statement to the Associated Press, an OHS human resources executive said that he believes the company has paid the plaintiff and its other employees properly.

The lawsuit alleges that OHS regularly required its employees to work 84 hours during the week with no overtime compensation. The complaint also states that OHS was obligated under the contract it signed with the federal government to pay overtime to employees who worked more than 40 hours a week. According to reports, an estimated $7 million in government funds may have been withheld from OHS employees.

Although this is the first time OHS has been investigated, it is not the first time that a U.S. company in Afghanistan has come under scrutiny for nonpayment of its employees. Currently, there are 23 active complaints being investigated by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction concerning employees and subcontractors being shortchanged. Complaints over nonpayment issues have resulted in $472,000 worth of payouts since December of 2013.

When employees have been denied overtime pay, they may choose to file a lawsuit to seek compensation. Before taking their case to court, the workers may want to spend time gathering evidence, testimony and other information to support their case. An attorney might be able to help employees to build a strong case by subpoenaing records and other forms of supporting evidence.

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