Tinder faces sexual harassment suit

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Indiana users of the popular dating app Tinder may be surprised to learn that the company is facing a lawsuit filed by the company’s former marketing vice president. The vice president claims that a co-founder of the company, who is Tinder’s marketing chief, took away her co-founder title, suggesting that the woman’s age and gender affected the company’s image. In addition, she alleges that the man sent her several private messages with inappropriate content and that he called her a “whore” in front of the company’s CEO. She alleges that, when she complained of harassment, she was made to leave Tinder.

The suit cites both discrimination and sexual harassment as causes for action. The woman has stated that she tried to resolve the issue confidentially for months and filed the lawsuit when her attempts were unsuccessful. The man has been suspended from the company pending review of the allegations.

The case has been filed with Los Angeles Superior Court, and the suit has named Match.com and IAC, Tinder’s parent companies, as defendants as well. IAC has confirmed that inappropriate messages were sent but has called the woman’s allegations against the companies into question. Reports did not disclose the monetary value of damages sought.

For those who have been forced to leave a hostile workplace, finding a lawyer who has experience in employment law can be helpful. A lawyer who has a background in representing sexual harassment cases may be able to analyze the relevant facts and argue that the person who suffered discrimination and harassment is entitled to monetary compensation. If awarded, compensation may help support the plaintiff through periods of unemployment or serve as reimbursement for legal fees.

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