Indiana to allow religious discrimination

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Experiencing any form of discrimination or prejudice is distressing and difficult to deal with. This can be even more the case if it happens in your place of work. If you do your job well and fulfill all the requirements of your role, why should personal details such as your age, sexual orientation or national origin be relevant? Sadly, many employees experience a hostile work environment as a result of other people’s narrow-mindedness.

In general, employees are protected by law from most forms of discrimination. Whether it takes the form of verbal or physical abuse or is more subtle and subversive, such as refusing promotions or treating people unequally, it should not be tolerated. However, in a controversial move, the Indiana Senate is waiting to make a final vote on a bill that would permit certain contractors to discriminate during the hiring process based on a person’s religion.

Under the bill, organizations that receive state contracts but are also affiliated to a particular religion would be allowed to choose to hire employees on the basis of their religious leanings. It could even mean these employees would be required to follow religious practices specified by their employers. Some of the organizations that could be affected include universities and even hospitals.

While this move could change the face of certain discrimination practices, being unfairly treated in your place of work still should not be tolerated. An attorney may be able to advise you if you find yourself in this position and help you through the process if you decide to make a claim against those responsible.

Source: The Courier-Journal, “Ind. poised to allow hiring based on religion,” Tony Cook, Feb. 3, 2015


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