Restaurant allegedly discriminates against male employees

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Indiana residents may be interested to hear that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing the restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday after two men alleged that they were victims of discrimination. The restaurant put out ads for temporary summer positions that were only available to women. Reportedly, the reason was that the position came with housing, and the restaurant did not want to arrange mixed-sex housing for its temporary employees.

The job advertised was in Utah, and the position was posted in a number of states. The EEOC points out that because of the discrimination, the men were denied the opportunity to gain more work experience and make money.

Commenters say that the case is an unusual one. Usually in cases of alleged sex discrimination, the actions are not as blatant as that of an employer circulating an internal job posting that specifically requests employee of one gender.

Individuals who feel that they have faced some type of employment discrimination should try to resolve the issue through their workplace. However, if this is not possible, it may be necessary to contact an attorney and file a lawsuit.

There are a number of different groups who are protected against employment discrimination. It is illegal to discriminate against individuals based on a number of qualities, including race, sex, religion, disability, national origin, gender, age and sexual preference. Discrimination can include everything from not being hired for a job, being fired, not being promoted, or being around co-workers or supervisors who create a hostile work environment. By citing these issues and supporting the assertions with evidence, an attorney may be able to help a client seek compensation for damages associated with the alleged discrimination.

Source: FOX News, “Ruby Tuesday discriminates against male employees, federal lawsuit claims,” Jan. 25, 2015


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