Survey shows 1 in 3 women experiences sexual harassment

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While it may not be shocking to most people in Indiana, a recent survey demonstrated that one out of every three women between the ages of 18 and 34 report they have been sexually harassed at work. In the study, 2,235 women in both full- and part-time jobs were surveyed by Cosmopolitan, revealing that a third had experienced sexual harassment at work at least once.

According to the survey, despite the large number of women who admitted to having been harassed, only 29 percent of them reported the harassment, while 71 percent remained silent about it. Workers in the food and service hospitality industries reported the greatest number of sexual harassment incidents.

Workplace sexual harassment includes such things as unwanted advances, requests for sexual favors and physical and verbal actions that are sexual in nature. Of those surveyed who reported having experienced sexual harassment, 44 percent indicated they experienced unwanted advances and sexual touching. Educational level does not give a woman immunity from harassment, either. Forty-five percent of the women who experienced sexual harassment at work had at least a Bachelor’s degree, according to the survey. Not all of the harassers were male, either. About 10 percent of the harassed women reported that their harasser was another woman.

No one should have to experience harassment in the workplace. People who are sexually harassed should report it and complain immediately. If the company does nothing to resolve the issue, the victim might consider other legal avenues. Those who are being subjected to workplace sexual harassment may want to consult with an employment law attorney.


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