How Do I Know I May Have a Case?

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When you are hired for a job, you expect, and should receive, certain things. Respect and fair treatment are only a couple of required behaviors. Unfortunately, there are instances where you may be shunned or disrespected in the workplace without merit or prompting. This is why employees have found it necessary to pursue an employment law case in situations where their employer is guilty of either direct discrimination or for allowing discrimination.

How do you know when you may have a case? As a resident of Indianapolis, you will be able to find various law firms to help you answer that question.

A few examples of situations of discrimination cases are the following:

  • You are not hired for a job, but someone of a different race with fewer qualifications is.
  • You are treated differently due to race, gender or age.
  • Your coworkers are openly racist or tell offensive jokes and supervisors do not respond with disciplinary action.

If you just want to report your employer, you may do so. Some people may be afraid to act, but if you work for a federal or government agency, you are protected under the whistle-blower Protection Act. This means you are free to report your employer?s violation of law, violation of federal regulations, gross mismanagement, danger to public, abuse of authorities or gross waste of funds without your employer retaliating against you.

If you feel like your employer has discriminated against, you may have a case. Contact us to discuss your options or visit our website.


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