Woman sues Facebook for harassment and discrimination

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Indiana employees may be interested to learn that the major social network company Facebook was sued for workplace discrimination on March 16. According to the lawsuit, the employee plaintiff stated that she was harassed by her boss for taking one day off each month for volunteer work at her child’s school, although such activity is reportedly supported by the company’s policy.

The plaintiff was hired as a program manager for the company in 2010. She was fired three years later. During her time there, she stated that she consistently received raises and good performance reviews. However, she claimed that after she reported her boss, she was retaliated against by being given a poor performance review before being fired.

The woman ultimately claimed that her boss suggested that she simply stay home to take care of her children. Additionally, he allegedly failed to allow her to have any input during group meetings and had her complete menial tasks for the company’s male employees. Further, the woman, who is of Chinese descent, stated that she was harassed because of her race. As a result, she is seeking damages for a loss of earnings and for severe emotional distress.

Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is illegal for companies to discriminate against employees due to their age, race, sex or religion. However, not all employers ensure that their employees receive equal treatment. If a person believes that they were fired due to their gender, they may be eligible to file a sex discrimination lawsuit. An attorney may assist a client by helping to gather evidence, such as emails, performance reviews and the testimony of co-workers, in order to demonstrate a pattern of discrimination. Damages could include compensation for any income that was lost as a result of the unlawful termination.

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