What to do when workplace harassment is going on

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Workers in Indiana who are being harassed at their workplace might not know what to do about it. If a worker waits too long to report the harassment incidents or fails to keep accurate records, they may have no chance of seeking compensation for the harassment later on.

When a worker believes that they are being harassed on the job, they should immediately document the dates, times and descriptions of the incidents. Although it may be obvious to a worker that they are being harassed, the human resources department will usually only take the case seriously if there is evidence. Because many companies have automatic email deletion software, incriminating emails should be collected and shown to human resources personnel before they are gone.

In addition to keeping accurate records, it is also important for a person who is being harassed on the job to report what is going on quickly. Waiting too long to report harassment incidents can make a person’s case appear weak. Over time, emails will be deleted, witnesses to the harassment may leave the company and the harassing behavior may change. Human Resources personnel may question a person’s credibility if they waited too long to report workplace harassment.

A person who is being harassed at work might want to talk to a lawyer about the situation. Every workplace harassment case is different, and a lawyer may be able to offer personalized advice about how a particular employee should proceed. If there is a sufficient amount of evidence of harassment, a lawyer may be able to help a worker to file a race, sex or age discrimination complaint.


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