Red Lobster settles EEOC action

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Red Lobster has restaurants across the United States, including Indiana and the Indianapolis area, so readers may be interested in the outcome of a recent suit brought against the company by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The company, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, was charged for activities that were alleged to have happened at a restaurant in Salisbury, Maryland.

Three female employees at the Maryland location said that they were inappropriately touched by a male culinary manager. They also claimed that the male employee frequently subjected them to offensive sexual comments.

Red Lobster said that it terminated the man’s employment five years ago and that the company has no tolerance for harassment. The company was charged by the EEOC with violating Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The commission and the restaurant chain reached a settlement agreement of $160,000. In addition, the company will provide training to the staff at the Maryland restaurant that will address compliance with federal workplace laws, among other things.

If an employee believes that inappropriate sexual advances have created a hostile work environment, they can take action to address the situation. While the actions of another may put the worker in an uncomfortable situation, they do not have to face the situation alone. An attorney may advise them on actions they can consider taking when they believe their rights have been violated. The attorney can help the employee remain financially unharmed if the workplace has been detrimental to their achieving maximum earning potential.

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