Age discrimination claim settled by county

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Being treated differently from co-workers in Indiana simply because one is older or younger than the rest can dramatically affect a person both emotionally and career-wise. One person in an out-of-state case filed a lawsuit alleging that she was the victim of age discrimination in the workplace. The case was recently settled.

The woman, who worked as a tax control administrator for a county, said the former county assessor had demoted her. Then, her position was allegedly given to an employee who was younger and less-qualified. She had served in the administrator role for 13 years.

The woman, who was 60 years old at that time, said her job ended up being given to an employee who was 36. The county board recently approved a settlement of $38,000 in the matter, although it has not admitted any wrongdoing. The woman ended up dying of cancer last year, but her family said they were relieved that the issue had finally been resolved.

It is unlawful for a company in Indiana or another state to discriminate against an employee on the basis of age. If someone does fall victim to age discrimination, he or she has the right to try to hold the perpetrator of the discrimination accountable through a workplace discrimination claim. If the lawsuit is successful, remedies might include coverage of any out-of-pocket expenses tied to the civil claim. Emotional harm-related compensation, such as damages for the loss of the enjoyment of life, may also be awarded, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

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