Gender discrimination suit filed against county

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When people are mistreated in the workplace based on their gender, this can decrease their quality of life and hurt their future career opportunities in Indiana. One woman in a recent out-of-state case filed a lawsuit against a county government, claiming that she was the subject of gender discrimination. She said the discrimination led to her firing.

The woman said she worked for the county pretrial release program for almost two years and then was improperly terminated. She claimed that she was terminated so that the program could replace her with a younger male worker. According to her complaint, she faced animosity due to her gender.

The woman said before she was fired, she endured different forms of harassment such as complaints regarding her personality and dress. She said the alleged treatment was humiliating. As part of her complaint, she is seeking compensatory damages of no more than $300,000.

The woman is also seeking to be restored to the job from which she was terminated. However, if this is impractical, she said she would like to be awarded back pay along with front pay. Employers are legally barred from treating employees differently because of protected factors such as gender, age and race. Knowledge of what facts have to be supported with evidence in order to succeed in this type of case will likely be essential for this woman. It is within the rights of anybody who falls victim to gender discrimination in an Indiana workplace to seek justice through a civil claim.

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