Latina woman claims race discrimination by employer

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It is unlawful for employers in Indiana and other states to discriminate against their workers on the basis of protected classes, such as gender and race. In one recent case in another state, a woman claimed that the city for which she worked had specifically engaged in race discrimination toward her. She has filed a lawsuit against her employer.

The woman, who is Latina, worked for the municipality’s parking enforcement. She said she was the victim of offensive comments regarding Latinos for years. The woman alleged that her boss, who is black, called the woman an “anchor baby” in addition to operating an online site that attacked illegal immigrants.

According to her complaint, when the woman told her boss that she felt the site was offensive, the man simply laughed about it and ignored her. She also said she was treated differently from other non-Latino employees. The woman claimed that the man also required her to enforce parking in an area she felt was unsafe, prevented her from doing homework in the police department lunchroom and would not give her more comfortable vehicles to use after she underwent bunion surgery. She claims that her employer not only racially discriminated against her but also engaged in harassment and retaliation.

If evidence exists that an employer in Indiana has engaged in race discrimination, the employee affected has the legal right to file a workplace discrimination claim against this company. A thorough understanding of what facts must be proved in order to win this type of case will likely be essential. A remedy that may result from a successfully presented legal claim typically includes monetary relief for any damages incurred. Other relief may also be ordered depending on the evidence.

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