Sexual harassment suit filed by fashion consultant

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When somebody faces unwanted sexual advances in the workplace or is the target of obscene remarks in Indiana, this is grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit. One fashion consultant in a different state recently filed a lawsuit against a designer, claiming that she was sexually harassed. She is seeking $12 million as part of the sexual harassment lawsuit.

According to the suit, the woman said she was exposed to a work environment that was sexually charged. She claimed that a designer ended up groping her in front of several people when she was trying to model a skirt. The group that reportedly witnessed the inappropriate touching included supervisors, professional colleagues and female as well as male co-workers.

The woman said the incident made her feel shocked, embarrassed and humiliated. The designer then allegedly terminated the woman after she complained about the incident to human resources. The woman said the work environment was sexually uncomfortable during her last three months there, although she had worked there for five years.

It is illegal for employers in Indiana to sexually harass their workers or to permit environments that are characterized as hostile or intimidating. Employees do not have to accept sexual advances that are unwanted, nor should they feel obligated to have sex with their superiors as a condition of employment. It is within the rights of individuals who are placed in these situations to file sexual harassment claims against their companies. Depending on the particular case, the employees may receive remedies including back pay, related legal relief and other financial damages.

Source: New York Daily News, “Fashion consultant files $12M sexual harassment lawsuit against Elie Tahari after public groping from 2011“, Dareh Gregorian and Rich Schapiro, June 12, 2015


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