American Airlines blamed for race discrimination

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Being subjected to discrimination on the basis of race in an Indiana workplace can be discouraging and humiliating, negatively impacting a person’s image and career prospects. This is why it is considered illegal according to federal law. Several black employees of American Airlines recently claimed to have been victims of race discrimination at the company.

According to at least 80 black workers, the employees were often called offensive racial terms and nicknames. Also, the areas in which black people predominantly worked were referred to in a derogatory way. The workers also claim that areas of the company were segregated according to race, such as the control rooms and break rooms.

The black workers further said that they did not receive the same overtime opportunities as other non-minority workers at the company. These individuals said they also were not trained adequately, thus preventing them from pursuing job opportunities since they could not perform the required functions. The workers said they were also punished more strictly than their white counterparts. American Airlines, however, said that it is committed to inclusion and diversity.

When people are discriminated against in Indiana because of race, they have the right to explore all of their legal options. This may include bringing a race discrimination suit against the company believed to have engaged in this illegal practice. Remedies from a claim that is successfully litigated may include the coverage of any out-of-pocket expenses linked to the suit as well as compensation for emotional harm caused by the discrimination.

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