Race discrimination lawsuit involving school principal settled

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An instance of racial discrimination at a workplace in Indiana can harm a person’s self-esteem and the individual’s ability to achieve his or her career goals. One man in an out-of-state case sued a school district, alleging race discrimination. The individual, a retiring high school principal in the district, recently signed a settlement of the lawsuit.

The man was the only black person to serve as a principal at the school he led. He filed a lawsuit against the school district, claiming that he was the victim of discrimination as well as retaliation due to his race. He said he had submitted multiple complaints to the school district, but the school district’s response was one of anger and hostility as well as more abusive retaliation and discrimination.

The man said the retaliation involved the district’s initiating an investigation of him without merit. The district allegedly produced false, defamatory and misleading reports, which led to a complaint with the office of the district attorney over reported financial self-dealings linked to a sports program in which the principal was involved. The man sought an unspecified amount in general and punitive damages. He ended up signing a lawsuit settlement of $685,000.

It is unlawful for employers in Indiana to target certain employees because of their race. Race discrimination, however, still takes place, and when it does, the victim of the discrimination has the right to file a lawsuit against the alleged perpetrator. Remedies from a successfully litigated case might include coverage of any out-of-pocket expenses tied to the claim or compensation for emotional harm.

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