Theme park accused of national origin, race discrimination

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Indiana employees sometimes are subject to discrimination based on protected factors such as national origin and race. However, this is grounds for a lawsuit, as this type of discrimination is unlawful. A couple of security workers in a different state recently filed discrimination suits against their employer after they claimed to have been targeted based on religion and national origin and allegedly faced race discrimination.

One black woman, who was a Haitian, said she was working as a theme park security guard and applied for a job as an emergency coordinator. The job, however, ended up going to a white male who had less education and experience. She said that when she filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, her employer reprimanded her and heavily scrutinized her.

Another individual filed a complaint after he was reportedly terminated for using electronic devices while he was monitoring cameras used for security purposes. This person, who was a plain clothes operative, is Muslim and Moroccan. He claimed that the standard set for him was higher than that set for other employees and that these other workers were not fired even though they had engaged in the same type of behavior. The theme park has faced similar discrimination complaints over the past few years.

If there is evidence that an employer in Indiana has engaged in workplace discrimination, such as race discrimination, the employee may rightfully sue the company, seeking damages. Remedies that may result from a successful claim may include monetary relief. An understanding of what facts must be proved in this type of case is likely necessary in order to prevail in civil court.

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