Dealership settles sexual harassment lawsuit

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Being sexually harassed in the workplace can be degrading and demeaning to an individual; this is why it is considered a form of sex discrimination against which workers in Indiana and other states are protected. One car dealership in another state was recently accused of sexual harassment. It has decided to settle the suit for $30,000.

The suit involved a woman who joined the dealership employee team to assist a vehicle salesman. The woman used the dealership’s equipment, contacted customers and helped the salesman as well as the company to sell its new vehicles. A few weeks later, the salesman allegedly asked the woman for sexual favors.

The woman said that when she refused, the salesman fired her via text message. A suit was filed against the dealership by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after attempts to reach a settlement via a conciliation process were unsuccessful. The dealership decided to pay $30,000 in an effort to settle this sexual harassment lawsuit.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits sexual harassment and sex discrimination in Indiana and other parts of the country. This includes discrimination against workers who refuse to have sexual intercourse with their supervisors. If succumbing to sexual advances is a condition of employment for an individual or is the basis of employment-related decisions, such as those involving promotions, the individual has the right to pursue a sexual harassment civil claim against his or her employer. Remedies such as a promotion or back pay may result from a successfully litigated case, depending on the circumstances surrounding it.

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