Non-compete, severance agreements require detailed attention

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It is not uncommon for a high-level employee or manager at a company in Indiana to have an employer contract. Non-compete agreements and severance agreements are also fairly common. An attorney can help you to protect your interests when you are dealing with these types of legal documents.

With proper legal guidance, you can effectively negotiate your employment contract’s terms. An attorney can also review the non-compete agreement that your employer has proposed to ensure that it is fair. If you are getting ready to leave your job, a lawyer can further help you to avoid violating this non-compete agreement. You can also rely on a reputable attorney to represent you in civil court if you have violated a non-compete agreement; the attorney in this situation will strive to help you to reach a fair resolution with your previous employer.

A severance agreement is also a common area of focus when a worker is leaving his or her company. As part of this type of agreement, the company will usually offer you a lump sum or some other type of remuneration if you agree not to file a suit against the company. An attorney can look over your severance agreement and help you to decide if it is best for you to enter into this type of agreement.

Dealing with employment contracts, non-compete agreements and severance agreements in Indiana can be confusing no matter what industry you work in. Just one mistake may end up costing you long-term. An applied knowledge of the law may help you to ensure that you are compensated in a fair manner.


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