Several former Days Inn employees file race discrimination suit

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Being mistreated in the workplace can be emotionally damaging, but suffering this mistreatment specifically because of one’s race — something that is beyond one’s control — can be even more humiliating for an individual in Indiana. Several former motel employees in another state said they were the victim of race discrimination in their workplace. They have thus filed a discrimination suit against their former employer.

About a dozen African-American individuals filed the suit against Days Inn recently. One person in the suit said the motel keeper used racial slurs against the motel’s workers and terminated them on the basis of race. The plaintiffs further said that they were told not to pay attention to safety and health policies, and they were made to clean up fluids such as vomit and blood.

One of the plaintiffs said she was told by her boss to flip one room’s mattress instead of replacing it after she had discovered that a guest had died on it. The parent company of Days Inn, called Wyndham Hotel Group, said it was concerned about the allegations and that it was investigating the owner of the motel. It said it highly valued the safety of its establishments’ staff and guests.

If people in Indiana are wrongfully fired or treated in some other unfair way simply because they are a certain race, it is within their rights to file race discrimination lawsuits against the offending employer. An applied knowledge of the law can help a plaintiff to understand which facts must be proved in court in order to succeed in such a case. Remedies such as the reinstatement of a job may result from a successfully fought case.

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