Target settles suit involving alleged race, gender discrimination

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Receiving unfair treatment in Indiana on the basis of protected factors, such as race or gender, not only is offensive to the victim, but it is also illegal. This is the situation that job candidates in a nearby state said they faced in a recent legal case. They argued they were victims of race discrimination and gender discrimination while applying for jobs with Target Corporation. Target recently agreed to pay millions of dollars to these job candidates.

The employees in their lawsuit said Target gave tests for upper-level company jobs that disproportionately screened out women, blacks and Asians. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, one assessment also violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. The company reportedly also did not maintain records required to determine its hiring procedures’ impact.

Target agreed to pay nearly $3 million to thousands of job candidates who had been rejected for upper-level job positions. Over 3,000 people will share the payout, and the amount each claimant is awarded will vary based on individual circumstances. This settlement is one of the highest recently awarded for discrimination associated with hiring processes. 

Companies that are found to discriminate against people because of race or gender may be held accountable through the legal system. Victims of race discrimination or gender discrimination have the right to file claims against the alleged perpetrators. Remedies from this type of suit in Indiana may include the coverage of the plaintiff’s out-of-pocket expenses tied to the claim as well as compensation for emotional harm — for instance, loss of the enjoyment of life.

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