Woman files suit alleging race, gender discrimination

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People who are discriminated against on the basis of protected factors in Indiana, such as gender and race, have the legal right to fight for justice, as this type of behavior violates federal law. One city employee in an out-of-state case filed a race and gender discrimination lawsuit after she said the government of the city for which she worked constructively discharged her because she was a black woman. She has recently agreed to have the case heard in that city.

According to the suit, the woman started to work for the city back in 1998. She began serving as an infrastructure support manager in the city’s department of public works in 2010. However, she ended up resigning from this position and taking on an accounting specialist job in 2011. She said this move was a demotion, causing her to receive reduced pay, a reduced status and fewer benefits.

The woman said she was constructively discharged, which is a situation in which a company illegally creates a working environment that is so intolerable as to force a reasonable individual to resign from his or her position. However, the city’s attorney said the woman did not provide the city a reasonable chance to address her complaints and that her change of jobs was voluntary. The employee recently agreed for her suit’s trial to take place in the city where she lives and where witnesses and documents would be more accessible.

When companies in Indiana treat certain workers poorly due to their gender or race, this constitutes illegal workplace discrimination. Individuals who are victims of this type of discrimination have the right to file lawsuits against their employers. If such a race or gender discrimination lawsuit is fought successfully, remedies from the suit might include monetary compensation for loss of the enjoyment of life and even for expenses that the plaintiff had to pay out of pocket to legally address the matter.

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