Woman files workplace disability discrimination against employer

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Suffering a disability can be both physically and emotionally trying, but being terminated because of one’s disability only makes matters worse. One nursing supervisor in a state outside of Indiana recently filed a lawsuit against her employer, alleging workplace disability discrimination. She claims she was retaliated against and ultimately fired after suffering a disability in a work-related accident.

The woman alleges that the nursing home hired her to be an assistant director of nursing during the month of Feb. 2013. However, she was injured while working at the end of July 2013 while working and was transported by ambulance to an emergency room. Her doctor directed that she could only do light-duty work and had to take medication and complete physical therapy.

The health care facility, however, allegedly did not accommodate the woman’s needs. Instead, the facility reportedly disciplined the woman for having to take time off from work for medical treatment and physical therapy. The woman claims that she ended up being terminated in mid-Sept. 2013 for supposedly violating a no call, no show policy.

The woman has accused the facility of failing to accommodate her disability and is seeking anywhere from $200,000 to $1 million dollars with regard to her workplace disability discrimination claim. She is also seeking court costs and interest, attorney fees, front pay and back pay. Anybody in Indiana who believes he or she has been discriminated against on the basis of a disability in the workplace has the right to explore available legal options in an effort to correct any wrongs committed by the person’s employer.

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