Workers paid less than owed may file claim against employer

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People in Indiana naturally work hard for their hourly wages or salaries. In fact, many individuals end up working over 40 hours a week just so that they can create better lives for their families and for themselves. Unfortunately, in some cases, they end up not being compensated for all of the hours they have worked and thus get paid less than owed.

In the state of Indiana, workers are entitled to get the wages they are owed, and they have the right to receive these wages when they are due. The employer, for example, may provide its workers with paychecks for less money than they are deserve. The company may also not pay workers on time or might omit deserved overtime pay.

In these situations, a worker might have a claim under the Indiana Wage Claims Act or Fair Labor Standards Act. According to the Indiana act, a worker is entitled to get any back wages owed along with attorney’s fees and a penalty. This means if the worker wins his or her case, this individual may end up getting up to triple the amount of money originally owed, with the employer paying for his or her lawyer.

Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, workers are supposed to earn at least minimum wage along with overtime pay for working over 40 hours a week. A worker can also take advantage of provisions concerning paid family leave depending on the situation. If employees in Indiana feel that they have been paid less than owed, they have the right to seek to hold their employers accountable through the civil court system in order to get their rightful compensation.


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