Freedom Indiana seeks to prevent discrimination with new campaign

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Employment discrimination is a big issue because it happens so often in the United States. Not only is it unfair for any employer to intentionally discriminate against an employee, but it is also unfair that they can do so without consequence. While many states do have laws to protect people from discrimination, there have still been instances where people are discriminated against and there is very little done to address the problem.

In Indiana, an organization known as Freedom Indiana has launched a campaign to change the RFRA law, which will protect citizens from being discriminated against based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Recently, there have allegedly been some businesses who have terminated their employees due to their sexual orientation, which is why this particular organization feels it is important to get this law changed. Should this campaign prove successful, Indiana will join 18 other states that presently have laws in place that provide protections related to gender identity and sexual orientation.

All citizens deserve to be protected from discrimination. If a law can prevent people in Indiana from losing their job or having to face any unfair treatment from their employer, then it is only right that it be passed. No one wants to work in a hostile environment, and they should not have to.

Those who have been discriminated against in their place of employment have the right to file a claim against their employer. It is never right for an employer to treat any of their employees unfairly because of a person’s race, sexual orientation, sex or disability, so those who have done so should face the consequences of their actions. Anyone interested in filing a claim may want to consider contacting an attorney as soon as possible.

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