Man accuses medical facility of age discrimination

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Laws prohibit employers in Indiana from discriminating against a person on the basis of age. However, age discrimination still exists in various industries, including in the medical field. One man recently sued a medical center, claiming that the company treated him inappropriately due to his age and then retaliated against him.

The man said he had always been a night shift registered nurse. He filed many complaints with the medical center, citing ethics concerns and unprofessionalism in the facility’s intensive care unit. When the company allegedly failed to responded to these concerns, the man asked that he be transferred to a different department.

The man said instead of being transferred, he ended up being falsely accused of a certain type of conduct and was suspended from the job. When he went back to work, he was given a worker improvement plan that did not give him the option of working nights. The man said he reluctantly signed this agreement and transferred to day shift; when he was told that the move was indefinite, the man resigned and charged the company with subjecting him to disparate conditions and terms of his employment along with age-based discrimination.

As part of the lawsuit, the man is seeking a judgment that the medical facility’s actions were in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act as well as the state’s human rights act and nursing practice act. He is seeking a jury trial, non-economic losses and economic losses. The man is additionally pursuing both compensatory damages and punitive damages, which may be awarded in cases of egregious fault. Anyone who has been mistreated on the basis of race in Indiana has the right to seek to hold accountable in civil court the company that permitted the discrimination.

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