Race discrimination suit filed against police department

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Being treated poorly in Indiana due to one’s race can cause humiliation and even have a negative impact on one’s career. One man in another state recently claimed he was the victim of race discrimination. The man said he was then fired after he reported racial comments and nitpicking from a couple of field training officers.

The African-American man was a police department decorated lieutenant who retired in 2014. This year, he joined another police department after the chief of the new department, who had formerly served in the man’s first department, requested that the man join him. The man was a lateral officer and, therefore, had to complete a training period lasting 10 weeks.

The man said during his training, he was the target of inappropriate and racist language by the man’s superiors. He said a field training officer used a derogatory term for African Americans when discussing a location. According to the man, another officer also used a racial slur. When the man complained to state authorities, he was fired in retaliation. He filed a suit against the police department for retaliation, workplace discrimination and a hostile work environment.

It is unlawful for companies in Indiana to create an environment where race discrimination is condoned. Unfortunately, some organizations still allow employees to be racially discriminated against, and if the victimized employees complain, they are quickly punished. An individual who has been subjected to discrimination has the right to file a lawsuit against the company that perpetrated the discrimination. An understanding of which factors must be proved in such a case is important for individuals wishing to pursue such a case in Indiana.

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