University job applicant claims gender discrimination

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People in Indiana who are passed over for a job simply because they are male or female have the right to take legal action against the employer who committed this illegal act. In one case in a nearby state, one man said he was the victim of gender discrimination during a university’s hiring process. He alleged that the university’s administrators in the athletic department ordered for a woman to be hired over any male candidates for a track assistant coach position regardless of the woman’s qualifications.

The man said a certain internal email from the school’s head coach proves the gender discrimination allegations. According to the email, the administration reportedly stated that the school wanted a woman in the coaching position. More specifically, the coach had allegedly told assistants that he had revised the position’s job description in such a way as to attract more women after previous searches had failed.

According to the lawsuit, the coach in the email said that one perfect male candidate was already rejected by the university. Any mandate based on gender would violate both the state’s law and the university’s policy, which both prohibit employment discrimination. The university has denied engaging in gender discrimination.

When a person in Indiana is a victim of gender discrimination, he or she can easily miss out on job opportunities or job promotions for which he or she is qualified. This individual has the right to explore all of his or her legal options in an effort to right the wrong that has been committed, which include filing a lawsuit. A thorough understanding of the facts that need to be proved in order to succeed in this type of case will likely be critical.

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