Dental office sued for sexual harassment

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Many sexual harassment situations in the workplace in Indiana involve hostile environments, which employers are legally obligated to prevent. In one recent out-of-state case, a group of both former and current employees at a dental office have decided to file a claim against the practice for allowing its female employees to be sexually harassed. They described the office as being a playground for sexual harassment.

According to the lawsuit, two male workers subjected the female workers to sexual comments and advances along with unwanted touching. As a condition of their employment, each worker was told to submit to these sexual advances. Any of the women who refused the advances were reportedly punished or ignored.

The workers who filed the suit also said that the business owners knew of the sexual harassment and ended up retaliating against the workers who complained. The legal suit said the women were subjected to more and more scrutiny as well as disparate treatment. They were, additionally, terminated for complaining.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are asking for jury trials and are seeking unspecified damages along with lawyer fees and the lawsuit cost. Companies in Indiana legally must take immediate action if they learn that sexual harassment is taking place on their premises. They also cannot retaliate against employees who report this type of behavior, and they have a duty to remedy the situation. If individuals experience sexual harassment at a job site in Indiana, they have the right to seek justice through the legal process.

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