Sexual harassment suit filed by two women settled

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When people are sexually harassed in Indiana or elsewhere, they understandably feel violated. This type of illegal behavior is grounds to pursue a sexual harassment claim. In one out-of-state case, a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by two women was recently settled.

The two women had brought the lawsuit against a former city mayor after claiming to be two of nearly 20 women who the mayor sexually harassed. One woman said she went to see the mayor to get assistance with obtaining federal benefits for the other woman, for whom she was a caretaker. The other woman suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as a brain injury, due to her service in the military.

The mayor is said to have offered help but required a sexual relationship in return. The women ended up filing a claim with the municipality, as well as a federal suit. The council of the city where the alleged harassment took place voted to approve a deal in which $99,000 would be paid to settle the two women’s claims.

Based on federal law, companies and municipalities throughout the United States, including those in Indiana, are expected to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. They are also obligated to immediately take action when they witness harassment, and they are not allowed to retaliate against those who report this type of harassment. Any person who has become a victim of sexual harassment has the right to try to hold the harasser responsible for his or her actions through the legal system.

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