Employment discrimination is illegal and un-American

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At present, the United States is experiencing some social turbulence. It seems there are voices expressing rather inflammatory ideas regarding the rights of others. Sadly, some of our fellow citizens have come under written, verbal and even physical attack for reasons that are supposedly justified by their so-called “otherness.”

There are many reasons that this development is both disappointing and disturbing. But most Americans are opposed to acts of discrimination based on sexual orientation, nationality, race, sex or any other trait or condition. In fact, we have a vast collection of laws and acts that were created to protect people from discrimination.

And one of the areas in which many of these laws apply is that of the workplace. These acts include Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination Employment Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Not only are these acts in keeping with the very real American ideals of equality and fairness, they also provide individuals with protections that help ensure the chance to thrive on the job.

Employers who discriminate against workers by denying them their due conditions of employment, opportunities for advancement or proper compensation are violating the law and undermining the spirit upon which this country was built.

We at the Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin are dedicated to helping clients who have been denied their rights or have been the victims of employer retaliation. If you believe you have experienced mistreatment at the hands of your employer, we would be interested in discussing your grievance. More information on our approach to handling such cases can be found on the employment discrimination page of this website.


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